Global Dignity Day 2018

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Global Dignity Day 2018

Global Dignity Day is an event established in 2008 and celebrated at Beaconhouse School System every 3rd Wednesday of October.

Aiming to promote its vision where compassion and love over inequality and injustice triumph, with its mission which is to unite everyone with the belief that we all deserve a life of dignity, our Angelians from Grades 6-12 celebrated it successfully.

During this special event, students had the opportunity to hear  inspiring messages. Following these messages, students participated in an activity where they had the opportunity to write and express themselves the meaning of Dignity and posted it in our Dignity Wall.  

Highlighting the event was the Dignity Photo Contest which was opened to all levels aiming to showcase their photography skills , define and illustrate what Dignity means as they go out and explore the creative community




Global Dignity is an activity to educate and inspire young people and to help them understand their self-worth and goals.

The AHS students – Elem Campus celebrated the GLOBAL DIGNITY DAY last October 17, 2018.

Ms. Sherill R. Manuel, the AHS Elem Administrator opened the program by introducing the importance of Global Dignity. She invited the students to talk about what dignity means to them and how it affects their lives. After the talk, the students from Grade 3 presented their Dream Country whilst the Grade 4 students presented their “Realia of Myself” in which they expressed themselves by citing an object or thing that will best represent them. The Grade 5 students showcased their creativity by making symbol about dignity and composing a poem about it.

The following activities were also done inside the classroom such as:

Bubbles – Individual Hand Painting of words – Global Dignity
Nursery – Global Hand Painting
Grade 1 – Human Globe and Collage making
Grade 2 – Global Dignity Card

Angels in Heaven
Angels in Heaven
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