August 26, 2017
Alumni Meet
September 18, 2017
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AHS celebrated the Buwan ng Wika (Language month) for the whole month of August. This year’s theme was “ Filipino Wikang Mapagbago’ ( The language of change).

The national language played a big role in maintaining unity. We are being held together by the Filipino language as we work to achieve peace, development and prosperity in our society.”

We introduced Filipino food festival, poster making contest, poems, songs, danced the local dances and talked to the children in the local language.  August 25 was the day when all students from Bubbles  to Grade 11 all dressed in their Filipiniana (Maharlikan local costumes) and enthusiastically presented their talents in the presence of their parents and relatives, all faces glowing with joy. With these different activities , we have taught our young learners the value of having a national language.

The parents really appreciated the program and the effort to make the beautiful stage decorations and make this program successful. Attraversiamo  ANGELIANS!




Angels in Heaven
Angels in Heaven
Seeks to create a total learning environment with high expectation of success; provides top quality education and passion for learning; empowers each student to contribute wisdom, leadership and compassion to our global community; preserves and enriches the Filipino-Christian values, culture and heritage; strives to involve our parents, teachers, and community members in a strong partnership between home and school.

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