25th Week-long Anniversary Celebration
October 10, 2017
October 26, 2017
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On October 18, 2017,  GLOBAL DIGNITY DAY is happening in classrooms around the world,  defining dignity in their own words and sharing stories from their own lives . Our students are encouraged to think about what dignity means to them and how it affects their lives. After discussing dignity between themselves, the students are encouraged to tell their own stories in front of the class.  These had awaken their thoughts and also empowered themselves and  were able to express themselves what DIGNITY is in form of writings  and sketching.




Our Kinder and Grade 5 students were also given an opportunity to have a Skype session with the teachers and students from Singapore Intercultural School in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Angels in Heaven
Angels in Heaven
Seeks to create a total learning environment with high expectation of success; provides top quality education and passion for learning; empowers each student to contribute wisdom, leadership and compassion to our global community; preserves and enriches the Filipino-Christian values, culture and heritage; strives to involve our parents, teachers, and community members in a strong partnership between home and school.

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