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April 19, 2017
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Scholarships & Discounts

The scholarship program for 2017-18 and hence onwards has been divided into 2 categories;

  1. Merit
  2. Sports

Merit/Academic scholarship: The student should be ranking over all for two consecutive years to be eligible for this scholarship.

The Academic Coordinator will recommend the high achieving students after evaluating them as following:

  1. Highest marks in the overall assessment       =                60
  2. Discipline                                                              =                10
  3. Co-curricular activity participation                 =                20
  4. Grooming                                                              =                5
  5. Attendance                                                            =                5

Total 100 points.

  • There is ONE scholarship per GRADE of 100% tuition fee waiver. The evaluation will be done for every school year in the month of April so as it to be effective from the new school year.
  • The student ranking the highest in the class section will be eligible for the 10% tuition fee waiver.
  • The qualifying students will be informed through a letter from the Principal.
  • The criteria and eligibility will be shared with the students and parents to keep the process transparent.
  • This scholarship is only open for AHS students.


Eligibility for sports scholarship

Students showing outstanding performance in any sports will be eligible for the sports scholarship of 100% tuition fee waiver. The criterion is as follows:

  1. Achievement on a National Level –                      100% tuition fee waived
  2. Achievement on a Provincial Level –                   50% tuition fee waived
  3. Achievement on a District/City Level –              25% tuition fee waived

New enrollees falling under the above mentioned criteria will also be eligible for this incentive however as per the following:

  1. Achievement on a National Level –                      25% tuition fee waived
  2. Achievement on a Provincial Level –                   20% tuition fee waived
  3. Achievement on a District/City Level –              10% tuition fee waived

The scholarship is for a duration of ONE school year.

At any given time a student will eligible to receive one category of scholarship, whether it is merit, sports or employee child discount. Whichever one is higher will be the one awarded.

Discounted: The following discounts will be given as incentives and to encourage enrollment:

  1. Early Bird: This discount is only for early registration i.e. after the announcement of the registration (1st week of March) date to 5th April. The discount value can be adjusted/changed every school year.
  2. Full ONE time payment: Existing/New parents will get 10% tuition fee waiver.
  3. Referral: Existing/New parents/Student and staff will be eligible to get Php 1,500 discount on their child/ward’s last and final payment of the tuition fee. In case the student is already on a full tuition fee waiver the referral discount can be adjusted in the cost of the books or uniform.
  4. Siblings: This discount is only applicable to siblings registering at the same time. The discount is applicable on the new fee year till the student graduates from the school. The discount is non-transferable from one sibling to another.
1st Child 100% full tuition fee
2nd Child 10% tuition fee waiver
3rd Child 15% tuition fee waiver
4th Child onwards 20% tuition fee waiver

The sibling discount is applicable on all NEW enrollees w.e.f. the school year 2017-2018.




Type Qualification Rate

1). Academic discount ●  Highest rating per Level/Grade 100%
●  Highest rating per Class section 10%
2). Sports discount ●  Competing on national level 100%
Incumbent student ●  Competing on provincial level 50%
●  Competing on district level 25%
3). New student ●  Competing on national level 25%
●  Competing on provincial level 20%
●  Competing on district level 10%

The above discounts shall be applied whichever is higher.


1). Early bird discount ●  Existing/Old enrollee P 1,000
●  New enrollee P 1,500
2). One-time full payment ●  Existing/Old enrollee 10%
●  New enrollee 10%
3). Siblings ●  1st child no waiver
●  2nd child 10%
●  3rd child 15%
●  4th child onwards 20%
4). Referral discount ●  Existing/Old enrollee P 1,000
●  New enrollee P 1,500

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Angels in Heaven
Angels in Heaven
Seeks to create a total learning environment with high expectation of success; provides top quality education and passion for learning; empowers each student to contribute wisdom, leadership and compassion to our global community; preserves and enriches the Filipino-Christian values, culture and heritage; strives to involve our parents, teachers, and community members in a strong partnership between home and school.


  1. cherryl manchus says:

    Good day,

    How much will be the tuition fee for an upcoming kinder 2? and what are the requirements for a transferee?

    • Angels in Heaven says:

      Kinder is around 36K total… Good moral, PSA Birth Cert. Previous Card.. Thank you

  2. Felicidad deguzman says:

    Good day inquire for grade 7 may service po ba kau? Kindly reply thanks