The Importance of Virtual Facilitation

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June 5, 2024
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June 6, 2024
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The Importance of Virtual Facilitation

It takes time to design and run an online workshop that is efficient and considers the issues that might arise when working remotely. Virtual facilitators (the person who ensures that the workshop runs smoothly and actively engages the participants) are required to adapt quickly on as they go.

A successful online workshop or meeting requires an appropriate balance of sharing information discussion, group discussions and other engagement activities. Additionally, it needs to deal with logistical issues like poor technology, time management, and note-taking. It is often the facilitator online to be responsible for all of these aspects which can be challenging and stressful, especially if the meetings are not properly run or are not effective.

Virtual facilitation is becoming more common as organizations have to meet the demands for flexible meeting times and for groups to collaborate remotely. It’s a skill that can be best learned through experience and is similar to facilitation in person, but with the added issue of keeping participants from remote locations interested and engaged throughout the course of the meeting.

Numerous studies have pointed out the importance of adjusting VF to the particular organizational structure and culture of each center. This was especially emphasized by Fox et al., who gave facilitators guidelines for a certain number of virtual facilitation interactions per center. Other studies, like those by Malone et. al. and Hartmann included a portion of training for internal facilitators that focused on building abilities, competencies and knowledge that is specifically relevant to virtual facilitation.

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