Welcome to Angels in Heaven School

Angels in Heaven is a progressive school that provides challenging, effective and joyful learning in a warm, happy and caring atmosphere. It aims to motivate children to develop and flourish to the best abilities, while taking pride of their Filipino heritage.

The facilities have been improved to meet the demands of a steadily increasing enrollment as well as the educational needs of the modern Philippine society.

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School System

The school's program is eclectic. This means that we chose the best methods from all styles. We have adopted Froebel's Theory on the importance of socialization. We also integrated in our curriculum Montessori's belief that the developed to the optimum between the ages 3 and 6; and John Dewey's Theory on learning by doing.
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School Values

We feel that if our students acquire good values, they will actually make this world a better place to live in. When they learn to respect authority, they will trust authority enough to accept their guidance. When they learn responsibility, they will also learn to finish their work do their assignments and care for other people.
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At Angels in Heaven, we offer an enriching & interactive learning environment. Through various centers of interest, we teach the children to make choices and decisions to develop their thinking skills.
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Quality Education

Fewer student numbers per class for teachers to accord better personal attention. Angels in Heaven is dedicated to excel in providing the best quality education and services to students, parents, personnel and community through its commitment towards continuous development of its people, process and system.