High School Campus

Complete Trust and Cooperation in Choosing AHS

We are truly grateful in your complete trust and cooperation in choosing AHS again and again. And with this, we can give you three reasons of things we are grateful for.

First, for making us your second home. Home is the first place of education and parents are the first teachers in everyone’s life. Making us your second home means that you are entrusting your only treasure- your child unto us. Trust binds everybody. Trust has a sweet-smelling fragrance to us.

The second is for letting us the channel of significance today and tomorrow’s times. Partnering with a community that prioritized primarily every child’s development and betterment is incomparable. We can tell we are more inspired by focusing on every Angelian’s growth through the years. The sound of various successes empowers and enables us to be more able to molding future leaders of our society.

Lastly is for dreaming and fulfilling dreams with us. A dream worth sharing and partaking gives hope, inspiration, and a meaning to live. Having a dream defines goals. This school year we have developed and enriched our strong points and have identified even the blindest spot. We are becoming more detail-oriented and will always emphasize the positivity and strengths of our dearly loved school. Education equips one to be live life meaningfully.

I, Arvin A. Alcantara, the school administrator of High School Campus delightfully welcome returnees and transferees in this school year. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon on which you can use to change the world.

Mr. Arvin Alcantara
School Admin High School Campus